As you could probably already tell, my name is Leon List and I like to snap some pics!
Just kidding, I don't just snap pics I take them, by the thousands and it’s a great feeling :)

But my strengths are not just quantity, they are also quality. I deliver sharp and high resolution. 
My big focus in photography is best described as an adjective; fast. And my favourite field is sport.  Capturing the moment when the moment itself is only lasting for the shortest amount of time, for me, is truly beautiful. That’s why I love to document sports, motorsports and motion in general. 

However, balance is very important for me. Thus I enjoy portraying and reporting “the slow things” almost equally as much. For example, capturing a recently unveiled Mercedes from just the right angle or having a new Idea for a studio-session is gratifying, at least for my humble, perfectionist self. 

All in all, I am just a young kid from Vienna with a big passion for photography and media. I love to discover new things, people, moments and opportunities. 
Flexibility is my on of my key-strengths, I am able to be anywhere in Vienna with my full kit in about two hours, booking a day or two in advance is desirable but not always possible. 
I am open for new Ideas and would love to get in touch with you!

Contact me via phone: +43 664 390 2259
or via email:

Thank you!
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